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Sample Evaluation Program

Are you having difficulty identifying features of a product in your inspection line, and you don’t know how to find the right lighting solution?

You may be just beginning to develop your inspection process, or you may be realizing at the very end of building your inspection line that there is a roadblock at final validation/verification.  This can pose a significant challenge, as you need to consider adjusting your existing lighting within tight restraints or there may not be enough flexibility on the lens and camera positions to allow for varying lighting solutions.

While you may feel added urgency and concern with finding a solution to meet a production schedule, our Ai Applications Lab is here to help.  For over 20 years, our Applications Lab has worked with end users, integrators, and distributors in our Sample Evaluation Program to inspect thousands of customer samples and find precise lighting solutions for unique inspection systems – from the automotive industry, medical device manufacturing, electronic and semiconductor manufacturing, containers and packaging, and more.

Our Applications Lab will work with a sample you send in, and – considering what features you need to validate – will experiment to find a simple, effective way to light your inspection process.  Our team understands that you can’t “just throw a ring light at it” and achieve the exact illumination specifications you need.  We work with you in a timely manner to meet your deadlines, often with a solution turnaround within 1-2 weeks… entirely free of charge.

To begin the process, you will need to mail our application engineers a sample of the product being inspected.  We also need to understand the inspection parameters and restrictions of your inspection line in order to experiment with the sample and deliver the correct lighting product recommendation.

After you send in your sample and a description of your application restrictions and expectations, our team will experiment to find the best illumination solution for you.  Once we find a light that delivers the highest quality image, we will send you the raw images to perform software analysis.  If your software qualifies the images as “passing”, we deliver detailed information on the illumination setup and our final recommendations of the lighting solution for your machine vision application.

After we provide you with images for validation and a suggestion on lighting and setup, we encourage you to engage in our Loaner Program to test a light in your inspection application for you to run self-validation.  This would ensure you are satisfied with the solution prior to purchasing – all at no cost to you.

It’s important to note that there may not be just one lighting solution for your challenge; however, our Applications Lab works with you to find the solution that fits best into your existing inspection system.  The ideal solution is to consider your illumination needs at the beginning stages of building your inspection system, as this will keep you from having excessive restrictions in the final validation stages.

Does this sound like a service you’re interested in?  Great!