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Ai UltraSeal Washdown LED Lights are sealed, smooth, and durable enough to handle the most intense applications.  The UltraSeal waterproof housing and unique engineering enables users to wash the lights completely free of food, dust, dirt, and other debris – without getting any materials caught in crevices or bolts on the face of the light.

IP69K Certified

Our BL245 UltraSeal Washdown Lights have gone through a strict certification process to ensure impermeability against dust and liquids in high-pressure washdown environments.

Pre-Engineered Scalability

Our washdown lights use the same 1”x1” scalable PCB design as our BLXXYY series, allowing for cost-effective custom sizes.

Compact and Flush Design

With a thickness of less than an inch, the UltraSeal housing and cord grip are smooth-bodied, providing a virtually crevice-free design.

Patent Pending

Food and Beverage Ideal

The UltraSeal proprietary nickel finish is FDA-Compliant and resistant to corrosion, protecting against common caustic solutions often used in food and beverage applications.  Suitable for use in “Non-Product” and up to “Splash” zones of food and beverage production.


Durable. Waterproof. Impenetrable.

UltraSeal Washdown Lights are built for extreme environments.  The Ai IP69K certified lights are specifically engineered to withstand everything your application endures – from prolonged liquid immersion, to high-pressure steam cleaning, and even corrosive washdown solutions.

Ideal for Food and Beverage Production.

For applications involving food contact, the UltraSeal lights are engineered with a proprietary FDA-compliant finish, enabling them to withstand the rigorous cleaning requirements necessary to keep hygienic standards within food and beverage production facilities.

Proprietary Finish.

The UltraSeal Washdown Lights are manufactured with a proprietary nickel finish, providing superior corrosion protection.  They are also engineered with an aluminum housing, making them 11x more thermally conductive than stainless steel – keeping your machine vision inspection application running cooler longer.
Patent Pending