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Custom Products

Advanced illumination has provided custom LED lighting solutions to the Machine Vision Industry for over 25 years. Our reputation for design and engineering know-how can help you find the most precise and cost-effective solution.

Customers can leverage our multi-tier approach to customization to reduce engineering costs.

  • Our adaptable Build-to-Order (BTO) system provides for very short lead times and allows a product to be configured from a large set of predetermined parameters, with hundreds of thousands of BTO combinations available.  BTO products are indicated in the product data-sheet and are shipped within 1-3 weeks, depending on the product.
  • Our Semi-Custom products require some additional design and documentation effort but can be a smart choice when more flexibility is required.
  • Lastly, a full Custom product can be developed when your budget and time frame allows.  This option supplies you with a fully custom-designed and built lighting solution that will be engineered to fit your exact machine vision needs.

We can consult with you to explore all these custom LED lighting solutions to propose which products and resources can provide you with the greatest ROI.